YSTen is committed to creating an all-round ecosystem integrating
Internet and home entertainment

By making investment or establishing joint ventures with other parties

YSTen has been involved in fields such as radio and television new media, new TV value-added business, capability/technology, vertical industry, intelligent hardware and audio-visual content

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  • No.1Radio and television new media

    YSTen has established new media operation joint ventures with local radio and television companies to engage in IPTV value-added business, OTT value-added business and IPTV platform operation business.

  • No.2New TV value-added business

    Focusing on e-commerce, education, medical care and elderly care, games, finance and economics, sports and other fields, YSTen invests in content production and content aggregation platform for value-added business.

  • No.3Capability&technology

    YSTen invests in companies with OTT AI and OTT big data technology capabilities.

  • No.4No.4 Vertical industry

    OTT industry development, business channel, big data advertising and business promotion.

  • No.5Audio-visual content

    Films and teleplays production/release, content aggregation and distribution.

  • No.6Intelligent hardware

    OTT related intelligent hardware, technology and solutions.

Cooperate Partners
VIPABC 恒信东方 中国银行 民生银行 苏宁 咪咕音乐 中国移动 阿里巴巴